A worldwide consultation to collect ideas from all citizens, for a more positive world


The goal? Have G20 leaders accept 20 suggestions that will benefit the next generations

How can you act? Propose your ideas, discuss, vote and contribute to this unique international consultation!

The environment, the economy and the living conditions are at the heart of today's international concerns. Now is the time to act for future generations! Speak up, you have the power!

Approach and Timeline

International meetings come one after the other but the real challenges of future generations are still ignored. What if you had the power? Positive Planet is launching « UP FOR THE PLANET». Express your ideas, comment and vote: 20 of them will be handed over to G20 leaders!





We commit to:



Select 2 to 3 ideas per question (~20 ideas overall) in the final report – based on feasibility, impact and G20-countries applicability criteria.


Include all contributions in a synthesis that will be published on the platform.


Provide a documented feedback on the 3 most supported ideas per question, regardless of them being developed in the final report or not.