How will we protect the environment?

How will we improve living conditions for all?

How will we build a sustainable economy?

1.Establish carbon prices in all G20 countries by 2025 to accelerate energy transition

2.Anticipate and prepare to global warming consequences through climate stress-tests in 40 pilot regions

3.Fight against overfishing and marine resources overexploitation that lead to ocean damaging

4.Encourage circular economy and eco-design to reduce waste production

5.Stop looting of forests

6.Maximize use of natural ecosystems to take on our societies challenges

7.Secure food security for everyone, especially with local and diversified food systems when relevant

8.Give access to everyone to quality medical solutions, especially for generic drugs

9.Create and finance a state health cover for everyone to give access to vital healthcare, if possible everywhere

10.Offer everyone access to the best medical and biological diagnostics methods

11.Make entrepreneurship training a stand-alone discipline in school programs

12.Offer everyone the means to develop capabilities and employability all life long

13.Give NGOs international performance and transparency standards to reinforce public trust in their actions

14.Steer public and private investment of all countries toward positive projects

15.Build a loyal, transparent and coordinated tax system to prevent abusive tax optimization

16.Give ILO a stronger power to defend fundamental rights at work and international labor standards

17.Establish a duty of vigilance for companies around the globe to prevent social and environmental risks along supply chain

18.Boost youth employment by accelerating apprenticeship development both at national and international level

19.Create a proximity provision for positive actions to amplify the local footprint of companies and their employees

20.Establish and uphold an ethical charter for an artificial intelligence serving everyone

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