The Positive Planet Foundation works in France and abroad to advance the work of positive revolution stakeholders. Initially advising in microfinance, it now supports and co-funds over 30 positive development initiatives in East Africa, West Africa and Madagascar (creating health care mutuals, positively structuring production chains, etc.). Thanks to a network of 40 offices in French priority neighborhoods, it supports micro-entrepreneurs launching their own activity. A total of 1,000 new jobs are created each year, and the businesses supported by Positive Planet last more than 3 years after their creation in 65% of instances. Finally, the Foundation gathers and inspires all economic transformation actors at the Positive Economy Forum (Le Havre) and the Global Positive Forum (Paris). It also highlights filmmakers and entrepreneurs who act for future generations, respectively through the Positive Cinema Week (Cannes) and the Positive Awards (Paris). Finally, with the Up For The Planet initiative, it aims to gather contributions from all actors in the positive revolution to give them a voice at the G20.